Jayden's Juice (15 ml)
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Jayden's Juice (15 ml)

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The Green team strives on spreading the good word in the medicinal aspect of this flower, whilst providing medicine at the best possible price for our patients. Due to the different taxes in this industry, we had to alter our prices a little bit. Nonetheless, we are still proud to provide Jayden's Juice at the lowest price in the market. 

High Ratio CBD : THC Tincture

  • Non-psychoactive ratio of 28 CBD : 1 THC

  • Jayden’s Juice began with Jason David's heroic fight to help his son. Jayden was born with Dravet Syndrome, an extreme form of epilepsy. After years of ineffective medications and exhaustive care, Jason began treating Jayden with CBD (Cannabidiol). He was overjoyed when Jayden's seizures began to quickly decrease.

  • May help treat symptoms caused by Epilepsy, Autism, Alzheimer's and Cancer. 

    Visit THIS LINK for answers to frequently asked questions about CBD.

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