Swerve Confection

Founders Eden and Brian strongly believe in the healing potential of cannabis on the physical, emotional and social level. That is why they set out to bring a product to the market that was highly functional and medicinally balanced.  Where is our food from, how is it made, and what are the functional uses behind it? These are question we could be asking ourselves to promote a strong diet specific to our bodies needs. 

"As a classically trained Ayurveda (Indian Medicine) practitioner I (Eden) am versed in the ancient use of cannabis as a medicine. And with all powerful medicines there are aspects of cannabis that we may wish to accent or down play depending on the 'function' that we want it to serve in our lives. Cannabis is great for so many things that is it useful to focus the effects with other herbs (a technique that is always used in Ayurvedic herbalism). By combining ayurvedic herbs with cannabis we get this focused effect that leaves the medicater stronger and healthier rather than depleted or hazy."

To learn more about  how Aruyvedic medicine can benefit you, visit edenayurveda.com.

                                  Aruyvedic Herbs used in these products Include:

   Ashwaghanda                     Gogi Berries                   Shankha pushpi               Maca Root             Kapikkachu