Green Team Gives Mission

Green Team Patients!


We are excited to announce a new branch of The Green Team focused on community giving and engagement – Green Team Gives! Every month, we will pick a local, Berkeley based charity that reflects the Team’s principles and values. We’ll post information about every month’s charity on our site so everybody can see the great work that they do. Then, we’ll start raising money!


Every month will begin with a pledge of $500 from us at The Green Team. Then you, the patients, can donate with any order for the duration of the month. We’ll put a menu item on our site so you can donate through online orders or when you call in. At the end of the month, we’ll put our donation together with everything that you guys raise and bring it to each charity. And if you can’t give financially, don’t worry! We’ll also be setting up a day at the end of each month when team members and patients can get together to go volunteer their time at every charity we raise money for.


Our goal is to raise awareness about these great organizations so more people can see the positive impact they are having in our community. Anything we can give in terms of time and money is an added bonus. Additionally, we’re also really excited about getting the Green Team family together once a month for some fun, service-oriented hang outs.


Check the Updates tap for info on the charities we choose, updates on fundraising, and info about service days. We're very excited to do our part in helping the Bay Area community. Thanks in advance for your help and for making the Green Team the awesome family that it is.


Much Love,

The Green Team