Rules and Regulations


Membership Application and Agreement


I, ______________________, agree that as a condition of my membership in The Green Team (hereinafter the “Collective”), I will comply with all terms and conditions in this Membership Application and Agreement. I hereby state, understand, agree, declare and/or acknowledge:


  1. I am over 18 years of age and a resident of California. I am a qualified patient or primary caregiver as defined under Health and Safety Code 11362.5 and 11362.7 et seq., and I possess a valid physician’s recommendation for medical marijuana or valid authorization to act as a primary caregiver for a patient in possession of a valid physician’s recommendation. As per California Health and Safety Code 11362.51, I am legally able to use, possess, and cultivate cannabis for medical purposes.

  2. I appoint and designate the Collective, and their authorized representatives, as my true and lawful agents for the limited purpose of assisting me to exercise my lawful right to obtain my legally prescribed medical marijuana. I understand that this means the Collective may be required to purchase, possess, transport, convey, and/or distribute my medical marijuana to me as recommended by my physician and I grant the Collective the limited authority to do so. I further authorize the Collective to enter into contracts to obtain and/or allow cultivation of my medical marijuana for my benefit.

  3. I understand that the Collective may offer delivery services to its members. Such delivery services will be restricted to current members in good standing only. Any Collective member using the Collective delivery service will be required to produce photo identification, a valid medical marijuana physician’s recommendation, and validation of membership with the Collective upon delivery.

  4. As a member, I understand that the Collective has other members with similar confidential membership agreements. I authorize the Collective to possess the medical marijuana as described under this Agreement jointly with other Collective members. I agree that the medical marijuana possessed by the Collective, at any and all times, is the collective property of every current existing member in good standing who is also under a similar membership agreement with the Collective.

  5. I will not sell, furnish, or in any way redistribute any medical marijuana I obtain through the Collective to non-members and will only use it for medical purposes. I also agree not to transport or ship my medication out of the State of California.

  6. Any and all contributions I donate to the Collective are used to recover out-of-pocket expenses and reasonable compensation for the Collective’s member services. I understand that all my contributions to the Collective are used to ensure the continued operation of the Collective and that any said donation in no way constitutes a commercial transaction, promotion, or sale of any goods.

  7. I agree to possess the original or a true and correct copy of my current physician’s recommendation when I am on the Collective property. I am responsible for knowing when my recommendation expires and for submitting renewals or other new paperwork prior to said expiration. All recommendations and approvals, both initial and renewals will be verified.

  8. I agree to provide the Collective with all changes in my contact information, diagnosis, primary physician, loss or revocation of recommendation for medical marijuana. If my recommendation expires or is revoked or rescinded for any reason, I will immediately notify the Collective and will not, under any circumstances, attempt to obtain medical marijuana from the Collective until it is renewed or a new recommendation is obtained.

  9. I authorize the Collective, its agents and assigns, to release information specifically verifying my membership in the Collective in response to medical provider and/or law enforcement inquiries. I further authorize the Collective, its agents and assigns, to supply a copy of my physician’s recommendation in response to medical provider and/or law enforcement requests, as well as to agents acting on my behalf.

  10. I agree to be respectful and cognizant of employees and other members of the Collective at all times. No abusive or offensive conduct is allowed.

  11. I agree to any and all future changes of the Collective’s policies as the laws for safe and legal access to medical marijuana develop.

  12. I agree that any violations of the terms of this Agreement or any other applicable rules, policies, or regulations are grounds for immediate termination of membership.


Proposition 65 Notice: in 2009, the California office of environmental health hazard assessment added marijuana smoke to its list of chemicals known to cause cancer. Members hereby acknowledge receipt of this notice.


I hereby affirm that I have read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement without reservation.





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