Riley Lynch Donation
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Riley Lynch Donation

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Riley is a young boy who was diagnosed with a rare disease called 'Fragile X' several years ago. After  exhausting almost every other option in the medical field, his family recently turned to The Green Team in hopes Jayden's Juice (a CBD cannabis product) would give some hope to their desperate situation, and guess what? it worked! Unfortunately after a lifetime of medical bills, the Lynch family is struggling to afford just one bottle that barely lasts Riley 30 days.

Below is a short letter from Riley's mother:


This is our son Riley Lynch. Riley was born with fragile X. He had been to 51 doctors before he was officially diagnosed. He had been placed on Trazodone, Abilify, and Depakote. As most of you are probably aware these are all dangerous drugs that affect the kidneys and liver and can be extremely harmful for children. Several weeks ago we started Riley on Jayden's juice. We have been able to eliminate two of the medications he was on completely and we are working on the third one. We have noticed a great improvement in Riley's speech as well as his behavior. The cannabis oil seems to definitely be shortening situations that normally would be huge problems for us. I would strongly recommend parents to try this. I would like to thank everyone in advance who is assisting in donating to our son. It is more than greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Kristen Lynch"


The Green  Team is all about family and team support, so if you can, please help out a fellow patient.


Thank you to all, 

-The Team