Product Image VETCBD
  • CBD oil formulated by a veterinarian, Dr Tim Shu, the founder of VETCBD
  • Does NOT get pets high. Non-psychoactive. There is a small amount of THC to potentiate the medicine. The medicinal effects of marijuana are fully realized when all of the cannabinoids work synergistically (see: entourage effect)
  • VETCBD is sourced from the marijuana plant, NOT hemp, which is important because marijuana flower has a higher concentration of all the therapeutic cannabinoids, thus making VETCBD a superior product to similar products made from hemp.
  • VETCBD is not a daily supplement. It is medicine for specific issues:
    • pain (ex. arthritis)
    • anxiety (ex. separation, loud noises like fireworks, car rides)
    • inflammation
    • loss of appetite
    • nausea
    • epilepsy
  • VETCBD is an alternative to prescription medications that have unwanted side-effects. Opiates and drugs like Xanax or Valium can knock the pet out and cause issues dealing with toxicity.
  • Use easy to measure syringe (included) and dosing chart. Apply VETCBD directly into animal’s mouth or on their food like a dressing
  • May take up to 24-48 hours to see results; start with suggested dose or lower and adjust dosing based on your observations.
  • The number and email on the back of the brochure reach the veterinarian directly if you have any questions about the product or about pet health in general. This is a free service that we offer to complement our product.